"When looking at the work of Carine Altermatt one raises the familiar question we hear too often. Is it art or is it design. Design serves a function. This is a fact. In the art world we like to think we are making new experiences. These experiences are limited, for the most part, to looking.
Altermatt's work does not limit your experience to simply looking at something. In fact her art lies in the fact that she is inviting you to interact with something. It's like magic. You are drawn in to an object.
For instance the piece "Take me easy" the object has five holes for your fingers. There is this familiarity in this piece even though it is nothing you have ever seen before. It operates like the simple, yet beautiful, act of holding a loved ones hand. In the end it is the desire to reach out and hold that hand that is a special experience. Hence making the action the important part.
Each one of Altermatt's works deals with this emotional connection in one way or another.
In the end if you view the work as design you are depriving yourself of the meaning and the experience as an art form."

Stephen Felton